Air ducts systems gets very dirty in houston, WHY?

Posted by Joe Williams

Posted by Joe Williams

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

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Our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Cooling) systems work by pulling air from the rooms into the AC unit, although the air is filtered, the fact is – filter cannot remove all of the contaminates from the air, and that’s why the system will get dirty through normal use.
In addition, the hot climate in Houston area makes use the AC constantly to cool our home. The AC unit gets cold and attic’s temperature stays very hot. The difference between the temperatures, like any other cold and hot surfaces that come in contact, creates condensation, within and outside the AC unit (it’s like to take a cold water bottle out of the fridge). Furthermore, Houston area is the third most humid metro in the US with 74.7% humidity levels in average, after New Orleans, LA (75.9%) and Jacksonville, FL (75.8%).
As a result, the dust that enter the system come in contact with the moist inside, the combination between them creates bacteria and mold overtime. Moreover, inside the air ducts it’s cool, humid and dark, which provides the perfect environment for mold spores to thrive and spread. for that reason, the AC and Ductwork have to be at least inspected every 2-3 years to maintain performance.
Dirty Air duct
Dirty air duct, Houston TX
Dirty Grille
Mold on air grille, Houston TX

what are the consequences?

Dirty air

Only lately, with the spread of COVID-19 we all understood the influence of cleaner air on our health. Dirty air is harmful to your wellness.

Health problems

Contaminated air ducts contain bacteria and pollutants such as: mold, mildew, pollen, Pet (and People) Dander, dust and fungi spores that damage your immune system and respiration.

High bills

Dirty system runs slower, increase up to 40% on electricity bills and can creates future damage.

Dirty Plenum box
Dirty plenum box, Houston TX
Dirty plenum box
Dirty plenum box, Houston TX


Odor – Musty odor from your ductwork can be a serious sign for mold inside your system, especially while you run the system.

Visible Visible mold on the ‘vent grilles’ or on the ceiling can point on the fact there is a mold colony inside the system. In this case you can open the covers and check it out or either call to an expert to inspect it.

Illness – Mold can cause some serious problems as itchy eyes, headaches, red eyes, runny nose and even respiratory problems. If someone feels one of these symptoms you should call to an expert for an inspection.

Water leaks – If you had water leak or any water damage in your house – call to professional to inspect and fix it, or, to ensure that no damage was caused.

tips to maintain clean air in houston

  1. Avoid open windows – Because of high humidity levels in Houston area you should avoid open windows, simply because humidity gets into your house and contribute for growth contaminates.
  2. Avoid indoor smoking – The AC circulate the indoor air, thus smoke stick to the air ducts and creates serious damage, sometimes irreversible.
  3. Use air filters and replace them every 3 month – The air filters are used to reduce dust entry to the HVAC system, for that reason, replace them every 3-6 month in order to keep them clean.
  4. Maintain house cleaning – Since the AC circulate your indoor air, cleaner house reduce dirt entry to your vents.
  5. Keep air humidity levels between 30% to 50% – Humidity is the concentration of water vapor present in the air and Without moist, mold fungi cannot build up. We will conclude from this that control on low humidity levels will prevent mold in our house, not just from the HVAC system.
  6. Improve attic and indoor ventilation – Like we mention above, humid environment is necessary for mold spore to grow, so to prevent humidity we should ventilate properly bathrooms, attics and areas that may have a high humidity level.
  7. Get professional inspection every 2-3 years to maintain performance – Yet, even when we follow the rules, sometimes we can find an unusual cases, Therefore, it’s recommended to inspect and clean the system every 2-3 years to maintain efficiency.

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