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the benefits of uv light in hvac

detox the air and benefit you and your family in many ways.
This system clean the air from dangerous viruses, allergies, mold, chemicals and dust.
It also save you money when the system stays clean!
  • Reduce allergies and asthma
  • Reduce nasal congestion
  • Reduce depreciation
  • Reduce frequent and headache
  • Reduce constant snoring
  • Reduce high electric bills
  • Increase personal energy
UV light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that has wavelengths between 100-400 nanometers (nm). This range of wavelengths is known as ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB), and they are both types of UVC. UVC is not visible to humans but can damage human DNA. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin than UVB, and this is what makes it ideal for use in HVAC systems.
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uv light sanitizer

Ultraviolet lights were shown to kill mold, viruses and bacteria more than 100 years ago. In fact, in 1903, Niels Finsen was given the Noble Prize in Medicine for using UV to effectively treat patients with skin infections. UV lighting works to prevent microbial buildup on air filters, cooling coils, drain pans, and duct surfaces, keeping your entire HVAC system working like new. 

Since the UV lighting used in HVAC systems prevents or eliminates the buildup of any type of organic material on the systems, it not only improves airflow and reduces maintenance costs, but it also kills pathogens and other microorganisms that would normally thrive in an HVAC system, UV can be most effective in killing mold and mildew. Contact with mold can be dangerous for your unit. In addition, it can also be bad for your indoor air quality and even cause allergies in some people.

uv light purification

UV light
UV light
UV light

is uv light really make a difference?

Ultraviolet light disinfection is used for air filtration, water treatment, food processing, medical devices sterilization, etc. In recent years, the technology has been applied to the field of ventilation due to its significant advantages. This paper introduces the ultraviolet light disinfection equipment, the application method of air disinfection, and the disinfection mechanism, and further analyzes the current status of ultraviolet disinfection. At present, the equipment mainly includes the UV lamp, the reflector, the fan, the duct, the filter, and other accessories.

The main components of the equipment are the wavelength selection, the number of lamps, and the direction of airflow. Currently, the most commonly used wavelength is 365 nm (UV-C) and 254 nm (UVC), while some manufacturers have developed products using other wavelengths. The number of lamps can be divided into two types: single-lamp and multiple-lamp. A single-lamp device uses only one lamp; however, a multi-lamp device consists of several lamps, usually three or four. There are generally two methods for introducing ultraviolet light in the air. One is direct discharge, where the ultraviolet light passes directly through the filter without any reflection. Another is indirect discharge, where the filtered air passes through a chamber of the filter before being discharged out. Depending on the requirements, there are different types of filters. Different types of fans can produce different flow rates. Ducts can be straight or curved, depending on the design. And some manufacturers have designed special ducts that can reduce turbulence and improve the quality of the air. After filtering, the air should be released from the room. Filters include high efficiency HEPA filters, ULPA filters, activated carbon filters, and fiberglass filters. These filters are widely used at home and industry.

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