air duct cleaning and covid-19

What is the connection between clean air ducts to covid-19, how this pandemic changed they way we think about fresh air and his importance  .

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Air Duct Cleaning – Important Now More Than Ever!

We were all living our lives like we usually would, just working, relaxing, getting our tasks done and taking our lives for granted. Until something very unusual hit the entire humankind, COVID-19, when everything changed, this pandemic affected our lives in ways we never thought it would. It changed how we lived and perceived life; it made us start thinking about things we usually might never have. But most of all, it changed how seriously we took our health. We realized how important it is for us to eat and drink healthily, go out and exercise, and consider the small things when it comes to our health. One of these “small things’ ‘is the air we breathe inside our homes. This leads to our today’s topic, which is air duct cleaning and the importance it holds in terms of our health.
Dirty Plenum box
Mold spores inside Plenum box, Houston TX

Air Duct Cleaning Is Important For Our Health

After having to wear masks all day long at work, at school, or while doing groceries, we now realize how vital fresh and clean air is. COVID-19 has made us understand the impact clean air has on our lungs, and having healthy lungs helps us fight Coronavirus. If you are one of those lucky people who now have an understanding of the importance of breathing clean air, you must know how necessary it is for you to clean your air ducts. Dirty air ducts mean that not only you but your entire family is breathing contaminated air, which is not good for your health in the short term and long term.

Health Risk Related to Unclean Air Ducts

Your air ducts can be filled or constructed by multiple things, like hair, dust, leaves, etc., but worst of all, your air ducts might have grown mold in themselves, and not properly cleaning them will mean that you and your family are breathing spores. You can imagine how bad that must be for your respiratory system. Mold in our lungs can cause something called allergic bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis, also known as ABPA, which can have asthma-like symptoms. We all know that people with unhealthy lungs are at higher risk of getting severe symptoms if they contract Coronavirus. It is imperative for you to take the necessary steps, big or small, to ensure healthy lungs for you and your family to fight this pandemic. Because we all can and should wear masks outside of the home to protect ourselves, but what about the air inside our homes? To protect ourselves from that, we must ensure air duct cleaning. Who else can do it better than a professional? And if you are wondering who to get to clean your air ducts, we’ve got you, reach us out and get your air ducts cleaned professionally to ensure your and your family’s health.

Dirty Air duct
Moldy Air duct, Houston TX

Air Duct Cleaning and COVID-19 Houston

While COVID-19 has made a lot of people suffer, it also brought a lot of things into perspective, or some might even say it did humankind a tiny favor as well, in the shape of “gratefulness.” We did not only stop taking things for granted but started being grateful for things we do have. Especially the air we breathe! And if you are in Houston, what are you waiting for? Call us for air ducts cleaning, AC duct cleaning, or HVAC cleaning purposes and opt for a healthier life!

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